Monday, 20 July 2009

Spiritual People

We recently arrived home after a 2 week holiday in Turkey and met some really great people.  For nearly 2 weeks they never asked what my job was, and when they finally did ask they couldn't believe it!  

What was more fascinating though was that before conversations about my job came up we were all sitting in a Turkish coffee shop having a drink talking with the locals about their culture and about Turkey.  One of the locals asked if anyone wanted to have their fortune read through coffee (a bit like tea leaf reading, only with coffee) and one of the friends we had made agreed.  So they spent about 15 minutes reading the coffee remains and after that chatting about spirituality and faith.

What struck me was the deep spiritual connection that these people had and the openness they had talking about these kind of things.  It was not a forced conversation but something very natural.  

I can't understand why, as Christians, we struggle to engage in conversations of faith in everyday life.  It is something very natural for so many people.  

When it came to conversations about my job and what I believe it was a piece of cake because these guys were all deeply spiritual people.  I would question their spiritual health as it were, but nevertheless, they are open to questions and conversations about God.

I hope that these kind of conversations will always continue in my life.

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