Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Beach Club

Every year the local churches get together a run a week long event on the beach for children to hear the gospel of Jesus.  We have crafts, songs games etc and invite children and their parents/grandparents/carers to come along to the beach each morning.  These first 3 days have been great and everyone seems to be having a fantastic time.  

Usually I lead the group of 10 year olds and over telling them about Jesus and looking to build friendships with them all, but this year I decided to play a smaller part.  I decide that I wanted to spend time chatting with the adults who are there, and today I had an amazing conversation with a guy I know vaguely.

He asked me how things were and we started to chat away about life.  I then asked him if he believed in God and what followed was an incredible conversation.  He was speaking honestly and openly about his view of God and who Jesus is.  He was sharing with me those spiritual moments he has had in his life and was asking me about my own understanding of God.  It was a great time of conversation and yet again showed me how deeply spiritual people are.

I wonder how God will continue to speak into his life...

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