Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Theology Books (meme)

i. List the most helpful book you've read in this category;
ii. Describe why you found it helpful; and
iii. Tag five more friends and spread the meme love.

1. Theology
Who Needs Theology? by Grenz and Olson.  A very good basic book that I read when i first started college that enabled me to understand what theology was all about.

2. Biblical Theology
Promise and Presence, John Colwell.  Completely reshaped my understanding of the nature of God and Church in light of the sacraments.

3. God
My 4 years at Spurgeon's College.  This has helped shape my theology in more ways than I can explain.

4. Jesus
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.  This made me look again at who Jesus is.  

5. Old Testament
The Message, Eugene Peterson.  This might seem a strange one to put, but it has helped me no end grapple with the Old Testament and be amazed by God through his dealings with Israel.

6. New Testament
What St Paul Really Said, Tom Wright. Concise, readable, essential. ditto

7. Morals
Evil and the Justice of God, N.T Wright.  Got my eyes looking at earth and how to bring heaven here.

8. (Church) History
Church History Module at Spurgeon's.  Spent 12 weeks reading various sources on Church history.  

9. Biography
The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun.  Helped me understand Church and discipleship in a whole new way.

10. Evangelism
Tough one!  Loads.  The Shaping of things to Come by Hirsch and Frost and Jesus Wants to Save Christians by Rob Bell.  These books and a whole number of different things have helped challenge me and lead me to passionately want to explore new ways of engaging with society with the message of Jesus.

11. Prayer
The Lord and His Prayer by Tom Wright.  Helped begin to lead me to pray in new ways.

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