Monday, 18 May 2009

Animals and Angels

For many, sexuality is about the physical act that takes place between two people for physical pleasure.  Yet sexuality is much more than this.  Sexuality is about ways we try and reconnect with the world, with each other and with God.

Two people can have sex and never be connected with each other.

It can be ‘just sex’.  Neither one invests any emotion into it.  Its just sex.

So the only connection is physical.

It’s not sexual at all.

There is no connection.

They are still severed and cut off.


In the beginning God created male and female in his image.

This is what is unique about humans.

Humans were created in God’s image which means all of humanity reflects something of God’s image.  So when you look at humanity you can see something of God.

Ever been to a Zoo and seen how animals behave when they are in mating season?

They pace around each other driven by this urge to mate.

A lion isn’t worried about the feelings of the other lion.

They are not wondering if they are loved for more than their body.

The just want to have sex.

Ever been on a holiday or heard of a holiday where people have gone to be ‘wild’.

Maybe you’ve been on an 18-30’s holiday?

It’s about going crazy.  Drink loads.  It’s about feeling good.

It’s about satisfying your urges

It’s about sacrificing what it means to be human, a temptation to ignore your conscience or a sense of a higher purpose.

It’s about acting like an animal.

Paul talks about the body being a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Temple in Jewish times was the place where God resided.  The place where heaven and earth met.

The place of the divine.

So the body is a place where God is.  It is sacred.  It is special.

We’re not just a collection of urges and desires and needs, but a place whom God resides in.

In the ancient Greek world people used a phrase to describe what it meant to be human.  The phrase was ‘Food is for the stomach and the stomach for food.’  So they understood a person to be a collection of physical needs.  So you’re hungry, you eat.  You’re tired you sleep.  You want sex you go and get it.

This view dominates out society today.

It’s a view that says we’re the sum of our urges.

But God created us different.

He said we’re made in his image.

He says we’re more than our urges.

But we can also go the other way.

We can deny our urges altogether.

We can become like angels.

The bible says that angels are a spirit.  A spirit is a being with no body, no physical essence.  Marriage and sex and procreation are not a part of their existence.  Physical contact is not a part of their existence.

Sometimes people get hurt from a relationship and withdraw from all physical contact.  They don’t let you feel or touch or get close.  They turn their sexuality off.

They become like angels.

When we deny our spiritual side we end up living like animals.  When we deny our physical sexual dimension we become like angels.

Animals and angels.

And both ways are destructive, because God made us human.


It says in Genesis that God creates animals before humans.  And humans are then created and something significant happens when humans are created that doesn’t happen with the rest of creation; we’re created in God’s image.

We have a spiritual dimension that animals don’t have.


When we repress our emotions and stifle human physical contact we act like angels and it’s destructive.

We need to get it out.

We need to say how we’re feeling.


We have urges and cravings and desires.  We’re crammed full of sexual tension.

We have to talk about it.

Because you’re not alone in how you feel.


Let’s go back to Genesis.

God creates order out of chaos.

God starts a progression in creation out of chaos into order and harmony.

God creates people to continue in that ordering, to continue the work of harmony.

So what kind of world will our energies create?

Will we act like animals and create a world that reflects that?

A world where all we do is give into our urges, satisfying our needs and wants.

What kind of world will that look like?

What kind of people will we be?

What impact on the future does a world like that create?

Will we act like angels?

Will we deny our physical and sexual nature?

Will we try and stay disconnected with each other and with God?

What kind of world would that create?

When we act like animals we are going backwards.

God created animals first.

Then he created humans.

Humanity was a step forward, a progression.  We mustn’t go backwards.

Before he created animals, he created angels.

Angels are another step backwards.

We must be human.

The way we approach our relationships needs to be human.

The way we connect with the world, with each other and with God needs to be as humans.  The way Jesus connected with everything.

So HOW did Jesus connect?

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