Monday, 23 February 2009

Highs and Lows

The last few days have been good in so many ways, yet today I feel quite low.

Friday and Saturday I felt really uplifted and had a real sense of God doing some incredible things in mine and my families lives.  We kept receiving little snippets of news that were really encouraging us and giving us a sense of excitement for the future.  Nothing I can really elaborate on, but simply to say that it seemed God was beginning to open new and exciting doors for us to walk through as the year progressed.

We are beginning to look and discern where God might be leading us in 2010 when I am ordained.  We will be moving off of Mersea to somewhere new, and as I have explained elsewhere, we are looking to go into something new and missional that is not 'Church as we know it'.  I got a phone call on Friday that seemed to be a part of this future and got me really excited.

However today I received another phone call that partly wiped out the previous phone call and, although I shouldn't feel deflated, I do.  I suppose I'm just being a bit weird and need to sort myself out, but its really deflated me.  I was getting very excited, and now I feel low.

Hey ho!!

I was just having a pray and telling God how I was feeling and I sensed Him saying to me that I needn't feel like this because He knows the plans He has for me.  I need to be obedient and do what I preached about yesterday and TRUST GOD!  

I know He has got it all sorted and that I need to be faithful.  I'm just prone to get a bit frustrated at times.  But God knows me best, so I need to be obedient.

The Lord is my light and my salvation and I will trust in Him.


Tom Haward said...

Looking forward to finding out what your potential plans are, Bro. I found out tomorrow what my job offer will be and what effect it will have on mine and Abi's future out here or back in England.

Will try to get in touch with you on Skypre soon as we haven't spoken in a while.

Send out love to Sarah and gracie.

Sally said...

hope that all has become clearer for you now as far as where you will be heading is concerned. I know that feeling of trust through uncertainty...

(Browsed over from Sam's blog, my in-laws live on West Mersea!)