Monday, 15 December 2008

The Voice of God

On Friday evening Mersea had their annual 'Lights Up' service where there is a short Christian service outside after the Christmas lights have been switched on outside the local community centre.  It was well attended with some of the local community coming along.  

I was asked to do a short talk at it, so below is a rough idea of what I said.  It's not exactly what I said as I never speak from notes, but I think it's more or less what  I said on the night:

Have you ever wondered what the voice of God might sound like?

Maybe you’ve never imagined what the voice of God might sound like.

Maybe you’ve imagined it to be like thunder bellowing from the heavens?

Maybe you thought it to be like a whisper that glides past your ears and then in a moment it’s gone?

I wonder though, if God spoke to you this Christmas, if you heard his voice, what might He say and how would you respond?

We remember once again this Christmas the birth of a baby.

Yet this baby is God Himself.  And so God comes into our world, into the mess and uncertainty, to bring healing and hope.  And what did the voice of God sound like on that first Christmas?  It was the cry of a baby, God Himself, in the mess and cold of a stable, and with His cry, hope was birthed.

33 years later the voice of God was the cry of Jesus calling out forgiveness from the Cross.  3 days later it was the voice of celebration and victory as Jesus rose from the dead.  And it is this Jesus, this God, that calls out healing and hope to us all this Christmas time.

In a world of mess and uncertainty God calls out to us through Jesus to follow Him and find hope in Him.

We will hold many presents this Christmas, but I wonder, will you seek to be held by the presence of God this Christmas time?

Maybe, just maybe, God is calling out to you this Christmas?  Maybe he is seeking to fill your life with hope and peace in a time where we can easily be overwhelmed with hopelessness and unrest.

Yet what might His voice sound like and what might He say?

As you hear the cry of a newborn baby or the laughter of a toddler, remember that first Christmas and maybe God is calling out to you through them to find hope in Him?

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas time continues all around you, maybe He is calling you to take a moment, stop and be still and listen to his whisper telling you that peace can be found in Him?

Maybe, just maybe, God wants to speak to you this Christmas through the incoherent ramblings of a man standing on a stage out side the MICA on a cold December night?  Maybe God is calling you to follow Jesus?

And how will you respond to His voice?

Maybe, just maybe, you will accept His invitation to journey with Him.  And as you accept the invitation to follow this Jesus, I pray that hope will be born in your heart this Christmas and will grow so that you may be able to tell others about this hope that you have.

Happy Christmas.

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