Sunday, 7 December 2008

Job Seeker

Sarah and I were just chatting about my job and about the future.

I will be ordained in 2010. It is at this time I will *probably* move from Mersea and begin working in another place as a evangelist. The question is where will it be and what will it look like?

*I believe God is calling us to move from Mersea in 2010. Now that may change and I may stay. We will have to wait and see!*

Sarah asked the question about whether it would be good for me to get a job outside of the church and work for the church. A bit like what I was doing until a year or so ago when I worked part time for my dad and part time for the church. She said how easy it is for Ministers to get sucked into church so much that we loose touch with people who don't go to church.

This is true for so many Christians. We spend so much time doing church stuff that we actually hardly ever spend time with people who aren't involved in our church activities. Christmas time highlights this point sharply!

Maybe this is the way forward for church planting too? I could spend time working in the community and spend time seeking to establish a faith community within that community.


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