Friday, 5 December 2008

Grace and grace

My daughter is so wonderful.  She makes me and Sarah laugh so much and smile all the time. She's never any trouble and is always full of joy and cheekiness.  

I'm intrigued with her journey of faith.

In our home we talk about Jesus and pray together a lot.  I understand that this is the culture Grace is growing up in and will undoubtedly influence her.  I try never to push faith down her throat but will always seek to allow her to take whatever journey she desires.  I hope throughout her life she continues to discover the peace and fullness of life that Jesus brings, but want it to be something she discovers and never feels pushed into.

The thing is, I think she has real faith.

She is always asking to pray.  In the car, shops, home or wherever.  'Daddy pray?'

Then there was today.  We were in the lounge playing with her toys.  I had just put our Christmas tree up.  She pointed at the tree and said 'Jesus!'.  I said, 'Yeah, Christmas is about Jesus.' to which she affirmed with a nod.  I then picked her up to take her to bed and she said, 'Bye bye Jesus.  Love you Jesus.'  Apart from the fact my heart nearly burst, I found it really fascinating hearing her say that.

Like I said, she has grown up hearing about Jesus, so this will obviously influence her.  But the way she prays and talks about Jesus seems to go beyond anything I have spoken to her about.

Who knows how her faith journey will develop.  I'm sure though that the Holy Spirit is deeply at work in her life.  

I know I will always love her regardless of what path she chooses in life.  I simply love her.  And more importantly, I know God loves her.

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Tom Haward said...

No wonder she won the beautiful baby competition!

Send our love to Gracie. We miss her loads.