Saturday, 15 November 2008

G.A.Y and M.O.N.E.Y

At college the other week, we were talking in a lecture about church membership.

We were discussing how different churches deal in different ways with church membership and what it actually means to be a member of the Christian Church.

Our lecturer told us about a church in London who have recently accepted into membership a homosexual couple. These guys are followers of Jesus and asked to become members. The church have invited them in as members.

Now membership in Baptist churches is usually something that happens after your baptism. You're baptised and then at a later date you ask about becoming a member of the church. The church membership will be told and they then vote to accept you or not.  In my understanding membership is seen as a covenant with God and with each other, whether it is viewed like that by the membership is another story. 


I have a lot of issues with the traditional Baptist model of membership, which I won't go onto now. The thing I want to talk about is this church in London.

I might be wrong, but I don't think hardly any churches in this nation would have accepted this couple into church membership.  The reason being that they are a homosexual couple.  Would you accept them into your church?
What if a heterosexual couple who were overtly materialistic and followers of Jesus came and asked for membership in your church?  What if they spent so much of their time spending their money on things they didn't need because they loved buying stuff.  Would you accept them into your church?

I might be wrong, but I suspect we welcome without hesitation a couple into membership who were consumed by their love for money, but we would argue and fall out over the homosexual couple who asked for membership.

Out of the two, which one did Jesus speak about most?


Sam Norton said...

I'd accept them in my church :) (the gay couple that is)

Joe said...

Good to hear!