Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Now for something completely...ridiculous.

Yesterday I posted a video by Rob Bell.
Today I post a video with Mark Driscoll in.
There is quite a difference.

I think Rob Bell is generous in his theology and take on life and humanity.
I think Mark Driscoll abuses scripture and is narrow in his theology and take on life and humanity.
If I had to choose a Mars Hill church to attend (They are both Pastors of churches called Mars Hill), I know which one I would go to.


Sam Norton said...

Amen brother! Rob Bell is fab.

Sam Norton said...

Having said that - and now having watched the video ;) - he has something of a point. What's your take on the whole complementarian/complegalitarian discussion?

Joe said...

I believe women have every right under God to fulfill any position within the life of the Church.

I personally believe that we are to model here and now what the future Kingdom will look like and I believe that there will be no distinction between male and female and what roles we have.

I think the Church misses out on so so much when women are not allowed to lead churches. I also believe Jesus modeled something outstanding and radical in the way he dealt with women. They were taught by him, cared for him and were the first witnesses to his resurrection and were commissioned to go and tell about it.

I also think there are massive contradictions in the complementarian argument. Even in that video is not his wife teaching the church?

Joe said...

Another thing, specific to this video; I just don't get where he is coming from when he says a stay at home dad would be up for church discipline. I think that is ridiculous.

In 1 Corinthians Paul doesn't even call for those who have been sleeping with prostitutes to be thrown out of the church! Yet MD would chuck out stay at home dad's! That's just crazy.

We're created in God's image all with different characters and personalities. Sometimes a dad is better at home, sometimes a women is. Sometimes a person is better single, sometimes not. Life is not black and white like MD often assumes it is in his well paid white middle class world.

Joe said...

the passage he points out in Timothy is,I believe, to do with community and widow's, not marriage. I think he is interpreting it wrong. But then that's the problem when we all have access to a Bible!! We all interpret it differently!