Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Heavenly Man

I'm currently reading a book called 'The Heavenly Man'.

It's a great book and so so inspiring. It is about a Chinese Christian called Brother Yun who became a Christian at 16 years old in the 1960's when religion was banned in China.

We has since travelled all around China preaching about Jesus and seeing many amazing miracles happen of healing and transformation and witnessing thousands upon thousands of people become followers of Jesus.

He has also suffered extreme persecution for his faith being put in prison many times for preaching about Jesus. Because so many people have become Christians through his ministry the Chinese government viewed him as a national threat, scared that the system of their government would be overthrown by the church in China.

His persecution has been horrific ranging from needles been inserted under his nails to being thrown into human excrement, all to make him disclose who all the church leaders are in China. He has never told them.
One instance his legs was completely smashed by police so that he was unable to walk. After weeks of constant beatings in prison and continued beatings to his already broken legs he felt God tell him to escape. He walked out of the highest security prison in China and the guards didn't even notice him walk straight past them! He walked out of the front door because it opened when he got there! It was like God had blinded the eyes of the officers. He didn't realise his legs had been miraculously healed until he got out side the prison because he was so scared as he walked past the guards at 8am.
If you get a chance, read it. It's amazing.

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