Sunday, 12 October 2008

Five influences

As tagged by Sam, I need "to list five people, living or dead, who influenced my spiritual path in a positive way." Unlike Sam I'll include family in this but like Sam, include someone I only know from their writings.

1. My wife Sarah. I met her when I became a follower of Jesus and she has shown me in many and various what it means to be His disciple. I still fail to listen to her sometimes about things of faith, only to see later that she was right all along. She is an inspiration to me.

2. Spurgeon's College - Too many people to name. Studying at Spurgeon's has been a source of incrediable formation in my walk with God. I believe the Holy Spirit has used this time to make me a kinder, gentler and more generous (in my theology and therefore in my love) person.

3. Carl and Sarah Morehouse - They were there at the start of my journey with God and gave me space and time to question and debate my thoughts and beliefs on faith in God.

4. Andy Jones - He is my mentor and has been an abundent source of wisdom, straight talking and encouragement since I was called into ministry.

5. Tom Wright - His writings have often inspired and challenged me. I believe he has a lot of good stuff to say that help me be a person of better stuff!

P.S. 6. My twin brother Tom - His thoughts and his journey have helped me examine and question not only my journey but the journey of the church in this nation. I believe God is calling His Church to change. Tom has helped me, through his own challenges, to begin a call for change.

I tag Tom, David, Cas, Stuart, Lisa and Tim A.

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