Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Family

Sarah and I are fascinated by a program called 'The Family'. It is on Channel 4. The Hughes family allowed camera's to be fitted in their home and film them for 100 days. They simply had to live their lives as normal while they were filmed.

What I love about it is that so often Sarah and I will be laughing a lot because something they do as a family reminds us of our own families. It is a really up close and personal look at a certain type of family life in Britain, and I think it gives real insight into how so many of us behave.

They are a pretty 'normal' family. There is nothing that makes them stand out, they are simply themselves. Getting up, going to work or school. Eating dinner. Doing homework. Arguing. Laughing. Not listening to each other. Cuddles. Silence. Just everyday life. It might not sound very interesting, but if you get a chance watch it. It makes you realise that some moments in family life are amazing and special, yet they go past us and we barely even aknowledge what has just happened.

The hug between a father and daughter when she has been crying. No words, just a hug.
The laughter when in the midst of an argument, someone says something innapropriate, but hilarious.
The joy when someone succeeds in something and the whole family celebrate.
The cuddle on the sofa, having a cup of tea and watching a film.
Eating a dinner together, chatting about your day.

The goodnight kiss.

Add some more to the list that you can think of...

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