Friday, 5 September 2008

Scatter The Seed

I had a dream the other night which I've only just remembered.

I was standing in a field with a few other people. i know Sarah was there, but I can't remember who else was with us. The field was completely bare with no crops growing, so all we could see was soil.

We had loads of seeds with us and we began to sprinkle them all over the soil. There was no structure to what we were doing, we just sprinkled them wherever we were walking.

We came back the very next day and the field was full of fully grown crops. The crops were really tall and a beautiful darkish green colour. They were everywhere in this field. It was a big field.

I was amazed! I couldn't understand how the crops had grown so well and so fast. It was such a beautiful sight. I realised that I had nothing to do with how they grew. It was a miracle. As we walkied around the field delighting in the crops, we noticed a patch where the crops had hardly grown at all. They were withered and brown and had hardly sprung up from the soil. This confirmed to us how we had no control over what had happened in this field. Some had grown, some had not. We just scattered the seed.

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