Sunday, 21 September 2008


I'm walking with some friends home from a night out. We come to a giant metal tunnel, except the roof of the tunnel is partially ripped off so we can see the night sky. The tunnel is about 60 foot high.

As we approach the tunnel there is an overwhelming sense of danger and death. The tunnel has a metal floor with holes and rips through it. The floor rises and falls like a uneven ramp.

As we are walking through it we look up and notice countless bodies stacked up on the roof of the tunnel. Scuttling over the bodies are rats. They are bitting the bodies and a grey mist is rising from the rats.

As we start running through the tunnel the noise from our feet disturb rats that are hiding in the floor. It seems that they are blind but can trace us through the noises we make. We know that if they bite us they will kill us.

Some of the group get bitten.

I look up and see bodies falling from the sky.

We keep running and escape through the end of the tunnel.


Brian Mallaghan said...

I have a recurring dream joe about cats, as a child my sister was always bringing home stray cats and they were never normal in any sense of the word...

i began to dislike them, later on i would start to have nightmares about evil nasty flea ridden cats biting hissing and clawing at me, ripping me apart, i would then waken and be glad i have, they have stopped in recent years and i cant say im sorry, dislike cats to this day..

Joe Haward said...

No wonder you do not like cats! You would not like coming round ours as we have three of them! I hope u do not go through that sequence of dreams again.

Whenever I have a vivid dream I try to write it down. The Bible has a lot of instances when God speaks to people in dreams. So I try to work out if a dream I have had is from God or just some crazy head stuff.