Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Jungle Adventure

Another dream...

I'm walking through a jungle. I'm following a lot of other people and we're walking on a very narrow sandy path.

As we are walking we notice in the trees (which are very dense) loads of snakes hanging in them. The snakes begin to hiss and show their teeth and launch themselves from the trees at us.  So we run.

As we are running we notice ahead of us on the path are loads of scorpions.  Beyond them are some concrete steps.  We can't go round the scorpions so we decide to run through them as fast as we can.

we manage to get through them and begin walking up these steps.  There are about 6 steps to walk up when we reach the top.  we reach the top and suddenly there is a massive earthquake which cracks the steps we are on.  It stops and we walk down the other side and reach a giant lake.

One of the group jumps in and has a swim, only for a shark to approach him.  It is here that the dream ends.


Tom Haward said...

I'm no psychologist mate, but do you think you're concerned about a number of challenges ahead? Or, something may be looking good, but might have a hidden danger?

Or, it's a dream about going through the jungle with snakes and scorpions...

Even if the dreams mean nothing they're pretty cool!

Joe said...

It could well be about challenges.

Not sure really. Sometimes I think dreams are from God and sometimes there just things to do with the day you've had.
I had a nightmare the other night. Haven't had one of those in a while.