Wednesday, 17 September 2008


A dream I had some years ago.

I'm a Jackal.

Me and all our kind are on the plains of America.  We're fighting our enemy who are the Lions. The scene pans across and I see all the fighting going on.  We're victorious!

We return home celebrating our victory.  Back at home a man on horseback comes to us (Men on Horseback are our allies).  He tells us that the Lions want to fight us again.

We return to the plains and begin the battle.  The scene pans across again but this time we are being destroyed.  The Lions are killing us rapidly.  Myself, a female Jackal and another friend run and find a rock overhang to rest under.  We are beaten up and exhausted.  The female Jackal goes off to find some water.

We are there for some time in the scorching sun finding a bit of relief under this overhang. Our female friend has not returned and we are getting really worried.  Suddenly we hear a noise on the top of the overhang.  We look up and it is a man on horseback.  We are so relieved to see him.  I reach up with my paw for him to lift me up when he suddenly raises his hands and put them behind his head.

I turn around and see a lone Lion walking slowly towards us, bearing his teeth and growling. The dream ends.

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