Thursday, 11 September 2008


I had a great dream last night. When I say great, I mean really exciting and dramatic!!

I was in a large room full of people all at a desk with a computer. We all worked for a massive company that dealt with the world's affairs. The current task we were on was the safty of the world.

My computer suddenly showed a massive X on the screen. This meant something was seriously wrong. Everyone started to panic and start running around trying to get out of the building.

All of a sudden there was a giant explosion and the building was ripped apart. It showed the outside and we were stationed on the moon. We could see the earth from where we were and the earth was burning up and the force of this was tearing apart all the buildings on the moon.

I and four others had grabbed onto a metal railing. We managed to get behind the railing so it was infront of our chests, with another railing by our feet. One of the guys to my right was dragged out and swept away by the force. The force wasa mix of wind and fire.

I held on with dear life. The force was so powerful and scary. I knew if I let go I would die. All around me was destruction with people being swept away in the wind and fire. So I gritted my teeth and held on knowing it would all be over soon...Then I woke up!

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