Friday, 13 June 2008

Farmer Joe

I'm in the middle of digging my first ever vegetable garden!  

I've got the top soil...A lOT of top soil and I'm taking a breather from shoveling it.  The guy who delivered it put it in the middle of the church car park!  So I can't even leave it for a bit but have to shift the whole lot asap!  I'm tired!  Didn't realise how un-fit and weak I was since I stopped being an oyster fisherman.  Need to work out more I think.

Looking forward to finishing it though and growing my own fruit and veg.  Got some cabbages growing already in a pot so I can transfer them.  Mum is gonna come and give me some help. She's a pro at this sort of thing. 

It struck me actually that if I pull this off and grow some food, and plenty of it, I could share it with the flats behind my house.  If a few of us grow stuff here on Mersea we could easily give away food to those who are struggling to make needs meet each week.  See what happens first though! My gardening skills leave a lot to be desired!  Hopefully I'll be able to grow some bits!

Anyway, must get back to my digging...    

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