Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Vision

I was just reading something by Tom Wright on the Holy Spirit when I had a really strange, but beautiful experience.

I had a vision, very brief, but powerful, which made my head spin in such a way that I had to go onto my knees (I was sitting at the computer).  It was of the new creation when earth will finally become what God has always intended it to be.

I saw a tree, yet it looked different and quite frankly, hard to explain!  All I can say is that it did not look like it could ever die.  There was nothing about it that looked like decay or death could ever be a part of it.  It looked so real, more real than any tree I've ever actually seen.  It somehow had a life that God always intended it to have.

I saw a river.  It was like crystal.  It glittered.  It was breathtaking.  It was in no way scary as some may view the water.  It could not harm, only refresh and wash.  Beautiful.  Can't really explain it properly.

I saw a face that shone.  The face wasn't marred by decay or weariness.  It did not have black marks under the eyes from lack of sleep or tiredness.  It did carry the weight of pain, anxiety or neglect.  This face looked truly human, as human as I've ever seen.  So moving, so beautiful, so real.

It was a glimpse of the new havens and the new earth.  It is so hard to describe in words.  It brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy.  I wish I could describe it properly.

There is a hope so sure.  A hope that Jesus will sort everything out, including me, and the beauty of Father, Son and Spirit, will be seen and known for all eternity, and even I can be a part of that.  Wow...

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