Monday, 14 January 2008

Chains fell off...?

I've returned to my blog after some time away! Not sure why I haven't blogged...haven't had much to say? Anyway...

Tomorrow I travel to Guernsey to be part of a three day mission (if that's the right word?) to share the Gospel with the prisoners of Guernsey prison. I am really really excited and nervous about this trip!
When God presented this opportunity I knew I had to go and do it. I felt so right for me to do. As an evangelist I feel that I am right where God wants me when I am able to verbally declare the Gospel to people who as yet don't know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The prospect of telling these prisoners (and guards) about Jesus fills me with excitement and passion. I suppose that I have felt dragged into a more pastoral role with the church recently and I desperately want to break free from that and be faithful to the calling that I have been called to by Christ.

I am an evangelist so please, please, please, let me be an evangelist!

I will post when I get back on what happened and my experiences of my time there. Your prayers are needed.

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