Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Things that go bump in the night...

It's that time of year again when the witch hunters come out in full force!


I remember only a year ago how I used to get really anti-Halloween. I would rant a bit about how wrong it was etc etc and then search the Bible to back up what I was saying (like the good evangelical that I am!!!).

Recognising now that it was traditionally a Christian festival I figure, why don't we, as the Church, claim it back and make it an event that our whole community can enjoy? Christian and not yet Christian alike?

I also figure that I doubt very much Satan and his demons are gonna step it up at Halloween. If the principalities and powers are going to seek to heighten its attempt to bring death and destruction I figure it is probably at Easter time when the Church of Christ declare loudly 'Christ has Risen! Christ is Lord! Christ will come again!"

The problem that I have with Halloween is actually that young kids are wandering around the streets on their own. I was in a pub Monday night in South London and three kids came in dressed in Halloween outfits all on their own. Are they safe? Bearing in mind this is a part of London that is often dealing with violence on the streets.

I've got a church meeting tonight....think I would rather go and collect a nice big bag of sweets....

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