Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Evangelist changing

I'm currently at Spurgeon's on my week induction. It's quite strange staring this new academic year as a Baptist Union Accredited Evangelist!!! Sounds quite daunting!

I'm really very aware though of the responsibility it is being minister of the Gospel. I'm very aware of how utterly in need of God's grace and mercy I am. I recognise the need to approach this work with reverence and respect and with my eyes firmly on the One who is the great Servant of the Church. I seek to serve. I need Jesus to show me how.

I am excited about the future and the possibilities before me that God has for me. I feel more than ever that I am called to be an evangelist. I feel a passion in my heart to see many won for Christ. I want to see God's justice brought to bear here on earth. I want to see people equipped and sent out declaring God's justice and love and being instruments in bringing His love and justice to bear. I want to see God's Kingdom come.

I am your servant Lord God. Mould me, shape me and use me for the glory of your name.

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